HOJA360 –Empowering businesses to care for their customers!

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What We Do?

With digital transformation spreading rapidly, businesses today find it harder and less efficient to just rely on spreadsheets and manual methods for recording and maintaining customer-related information. Even worse, such information is often scattered across various locations and kept by different teams, inadvertently creating unwanted business silos. As a complete customer relationship management (CRM) and business operation solution, Hoja360 offers the ultimate user-friendly solution for sales, marketing, and customer service staff. Our cloud-based software means your data is readily available across your entire team anywhere, around the clock!

Hoja360 works with any workflow or customer structure. Its scalability and flexibility enable you to create various workflows and manage any customer information. Using HOJA360 companies can easily keep, update and report on data about their customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, increased business revenue and reduced overall costs.

HOJA360 is integrated with many platforms like, Google, WhatsApp, Outlook and MailChamp which synchronize the information between these solutions. With HOJA360 you can communicate with your clients through the HOJA360 like, send and receive emails, send SMS or WhatApp Message.

With HOJA360 you can create accounts for all your staff members based on their department, manage each member privilege. Each department could have a unique workflow and task management process.


  • 100% cloud based. 24/7 availability at your fingertips from everywhere.

  • Modern, easy-to-use interface for best experience.

  • Extremely customizable. Fits businesses of any type and size.

  • No limits for number of created accounts, contacts, opportunities, and tasks.

  • Real-time notification system to remain on top of schedules and avoid deadlines.

  • Integration with popular business productivity and marketing platforms including Google, Office, WhatsApp and MailChimp.

  • Rich reports delivering deep insights about expected revenue, pipelines and forecasts,top deals, pending tasks, active customers, and much more.

  • Bilingual system. English and Arabic are natively supported.