Hoja360: a state of the art business operation solution

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Why HOJA360?

With digital transformation spreading rapidly, businesses today find it harder and less efficient to just rely on spreadsheets and manual methods for recording and maintaining customer-related information. Even worse, such information is often scattered across various locations and kept by different teams, inadvertently creating unwanted business silos. As a complete customer relationship management (CRM) and business operation solution, Hoja360 offers the ultimate user-friendly solution for sales, marketing, and customer service staff. Our cloud-based software means your data is readily available across your entire team anywhere, around the clock!

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HOJA360 Integrations

HOJA360 is integrated with many platforms like, Google, WhatsApp, Outlook and MailChamp which synchronize the information between these solutions. With HOJA360 you can communicate with your clients through the HOJA360 like, send and receive emails, send SMS or WhatApp Message.

HOJA360 Benefits

Develop Customer Relationships

Hoja360 enables you to build better relationships with customers. By having complete prospect and customer data available from one place, your staff will gain deeper understanding of buying trends, personal details, and expected timelines. This ultimately leads to stronger connections with your accounts.

Meet Defined Goals

With Hoja360 you can expand the reach of marketing campaigns and have clear indications about their effectiveness. Also with the flexibility in the solution, deals will be formed to match customer needs, so they can meet their expectations. Additionally, the solution makes it easy to build various workflows and pipelines tailored to your business needs. The result is increased sales effectiveness, service quality and customers’ trust in your business.

Get Business Insights

Have full visibility about the whole sales process from initial contact to winning the deal. Hoja360 presents users with nice interactive interface including dashboards and multiple smart views like marketing campaigns, pipeline, customers, opportunities, outstanding payments, pending support tickets, to count a few. All these views are intuitively actionable to help you accomplish corporate requirements and take data-driven business decisions.

Respond Faster to Issues

Nothing makes your customers stick longer with you and become loyal advocates better than you being promptly responsive to the issues they may raise. Hoja360 allows creating custom-built service workflows for use by Customer Care and Call Center staff, defining clear stages for handling issues reported by customers. With the ability to integrate with common communication channels like emails, PBX’s and WhatsApp, incoming issues will be automatically recorded and linked to the customer account, assigned to a support staff member, and displayed on the support pipeline ready for immediate action.

Achieve Quick ROI

With all of the above and more, HOJA360 will definitely help businesses extend their market share against competition by confidently acquiring more customers, grow their sales revenue by securing more deals, save the staff time previously consumed by manual and repetitive tasks, and decrease administration costs due to the cloud-based nature of the solution. The return on investment (ROI) will simply be realized shortly.

Streamline Operations

Lead your team to better income, automate the process and optimize the communication between your team members, organize your work tasks and share project priorities and status via real-time task lists and reports. Tracking all changes with clear audit trail. This will allow you to integrate data between departments and ensure data integrity and reduce duplication and drop off tasks.

Manage your vendor networks

Create a vendor list for each product item and manage the product inventory, create a unique workflow to procurement department to manage all quotations and purchase orders. For each supplier, you can manage the payments and invoices.